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We have worked with Jen Kaplan on several home organizing projects. The biggest one was moving from one home in Newton to another.  We were merging two households and had lots and lots of stuff.  Jen was hard working, detail oriented and fun to work with.  She helped us pare things down, made suggestions of what to toss and listened to us if we felt differently.  She helped us pack up, and then unpack in our new home.  We highly recommend Jen as a home organizer, and we’d happily work with her again. 

Linda.     Newton, MA


We have had the good fortune of working with Jen on several events.  In 2017 she helped us plan our small backyard wedding.  It was a joy to work with Jen.  She is fabulous at keeping track of myriad details.  She is upbeat and fun to work with, so rather than feeling overwhelmed and stressed, the process of planning was fun and satisfying.  Jen has great ideas and is not afraid of hard work.  We were so pleased with the wedding that we worked with Jen for my husband's 60th birthday party.  Again, planning was smooth, easy and enjoyable. Jen takes care of lots of details, and always has good suggestions.  It was a wonderful party!   We highly recommend Jen for any events you are planning.  


I am so grateful to Jen for the assistance she has given me on numerous occasions. She has helped me organize my chaotic home and workspace, made research and follow up calls on my behalf, and been a supportive and calming partner, helping me tackle projects that felt too overwhelming for me to do on my own.

                                     Sheree            Newton

My large 60th birthday bash had so many moving parts (DJ, dance teacher, catering, rentals, volunteers, paid servers, and quirky rental hall details. Jen was a life saver with enormous attention to detail, compassion, consistency and calm. The event was a huge success, and she was a tireless champion during the actual event. I can't recommend her enough!! 

Jamie.    Boston

Jen’s expertise goes beyond her organizational skills. We have worked side by side to create a tidy and functional environment where I have learned to differentiate memorabilia from clutter! We have sorted photographs, organized kids artwork, emptied storage lockers, and shredded documents.

Jen is tireless and truly does all the heavy lifting. Jen is incredibly resourceful—from framing to furniture repair to donations and recycling—she knows it all.

Julie.         Cambridge

Jen’s great.  She helped me sort out and organize business papers, household items, and clothes.  I really liked that she took all of the things I didn’t want anymore to be recycled, sold, shredded, mailed.  She helped me make decisions quickly and then move on.  She packed everything from my books and shoes to my good wine glasses.  
She is very kind, honest and trustworthy.

Wendy.          Needham


It is impossible to overstate how much Jen has helped in tackling the long-neglected tasks of purging and reorganizing numerous closets and drawers in my home that have accumulated who knows what over the decades (not to mention the attic full of documents dating back to the Clinton administration). 

She is willing to tackle any task that comes up and is very helpful as a resource for finding people to take care of what needs to be done for house upkeep - handymen, house cleaners, plumbers etc. I can't say enough good things about her.

Patsy.         Newton


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